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Where Catchers Are Built

Catching Photos

Catching Camps Catching Camps 2019 Camp Demonstrating blocking position 206362846 2019 Camp 206362847 206362848 2020 Camp Glove position for receiving 206362849 2020 Camp Working on our footwork for throws to 3B 206362850 2020 Camp - Plays at Plate Instruction on how to handle a force play at the plate 206362851 2020 Camp - Receiving Barehand tennis ball receiving 206362852 206362853 Working on blocking position 206362854 206362855 Learning receiving technique 206362856 Providing instruction on glove position for receiving 206362857 Sit and Get Hit drill 206362866 206362867 Tag plays at the plate 206362868 2019 Camp Learning throwing footwork 206362869 206515524 2021 Youth Camp 206515525